INTRODUCTION: is the first online Human Resources platform focused on all specialties in the hotel and food tourism industry. It is addressed to all current hotel employees, the unemployed, students and graduates of the tourism professions, whose interest is to work in these fields, so that their CV can be found on a website that has this specific object of work. This is how the interested, employers and employees participate actively. 

Before entering the online platform you can browse the website. For this reason, please consult the stated general terms of use as well as the conditions that apply to its use and make sure that you agree with them, as your use and browsing of the website implies the explicit and unreserved your consent and agreement with them.Your registration in any case is voluntary. Users are free to browse the site without registration. After the successful completion of the registration, the user will receive a confirmation e-mail with the username and password, with which he will be able to enter his own profile. We reserve the right not to accept any transaction with persons under 18 years of age. 



The user is the prospective “employee”, candidate who wishes to work in the hotel and food tourism industry and the “employer”, the one who wishes to find staff for his business. There are corresponding specialties for these branches.

For this purpose, for the candidate and the employer, it is necessary to take the following steps in order to achieve their purpose:

Your registration can be done in the following ways:

A) Filling in the form by selecting the registration and then click ACCEPT.

B) Using your account on Facebook and Linkedin.

After your registration you are automatically informed by the system that you have been registered.

Your acceptance of the terms of use is taken for granted upon entry and navigation of the visitor / user at “Innjobs fr”. The acceptance and consent of the user by CLICKING ACCEPT consists in his explicit, unconditional and irrevocable agreement to comply with these terms.


When you log in, you enter your e-mail and your personal password. You need to create your own strong unique password, keep it a secret, and change it regularly for your own protection.Your next step, if you wish to continue your effort of full registration, is for you to enter in your profile your specific data, phone, area, object of work you want, gender (Mr or Mrs), your connection with whats up, your real name. Then you have to accept them and save them.At this point you have the opportunity to browse, but also (if you have completed your CV) to promote your CV depending on the demand for work. You can modify some of the above personal data (if you wish to) by entering your password. Finally, the last step is to save your entire CV, with your photo, so that you can post it, and to be able to see published ads for jobs requested by employers. Each candidate will be able to include in his CV, his / her specialty, previous work experience, letters of recommendation from previous employers, his / her chosen place of work, city, as well as additional special characteristics (driving license).


When you log in, you enter your email. If you are interested in browsing the website you should first enter your company name, its logo and briefly its object.In this way you can post an advertisement and state your desire to find a job for one (1) year. It is not necessary to have a complete profile of your company. 

After you register, the first image will appear on your screen, then if you click “adverts”, the “packages” you can select will appear, then click “search cv”, then an image with “acces cvtheque” will follow and then the combined “packages” of offers. Then you have to choose and pay the corresponding price. In case you want to see CVs of candidates, you will also have to fill in your company registration number, full company name, logo and the object of the job you are looking for an employee.  At this time you have the opportunity to post ads and automatically share them on social media. You will be able to reach candidates’ CVs after completing the corresponding payment mentioned in the pricing policy and you will have the opportunity to see a photo of the candidate (based on the steps you selected and accepted). With the next step, you can complete the image of your business – your corporate profile where you can provide details about yourself.Always consult the pricing policy of the packages you have on your screen. The resume market has “time packages”.You have to click on any package you are interested in. In case you choose to buy an “ad posting space”, you will have to specify your profile, enter your tax registration number, and your company logo to be able to post your ad. Then you will be able to pay the price for this service.In case you want to buy a “package” for ads, you will not be able to access posted resumes and vice versa. If you want to see the “packages” of numerically selected CVs, you should click on the corresponding number you want and you will automatically know the corresponding pricing. It is reminded that, at the stage of your entry, you ask for your consent and acceptance in order to continue the work and registration of the requested information, but also for the information and the corresponding slips that concern you. The duration of each package is one year from your initial registration.


A form will appear asking you to fill in the e-mail again in order to be sent a link asking for a new password , which will be the new password you choose.  

Any such information is entered on your own initiative and consent, such as your name, contact details (eg address, email address, telephone number) and your CV.

We collect, with your consent, data relating to your preferences, occupation / interests, work experience in relation to what you have chosen as permitted by local law and which you have chosen on your own initiative, (having first carefully read our terms), and decided to create your own account. 

This information concerns:

Information about your education, profession, previous experience, any awards, your participation in programs, activities and interests with a natural or legal person.

Information entered by you or your links from third-party applications (if allowed and in an open account)

Paypall or card number and billing details (for services that require payment)

Information automatically collected while using www. are indicative:

  • Account creation date
  • Date and time of last entry
  • Date and time of creation of the registration (original registration)
  • Date and time of last modification of your registration
  • Jobs / services searched
  • Jobs / services viewed
  • Login history
  • IP addresses from which you logged in

For all of the above you are responsible for the confidentiality of the account you created (and your registration in general), to maintain it, you must not share this personal password or other information related to your account to anyone and never. In any case of unauthorized use of your account, and of your registration, at any time perceived by you, you are obliged to inform us in writing.

METHODS OF PAYMENT : PayPal and Credit Card.



The Candidate can register, browse and choose what he wants for free.


The Employer has the opportunity to purchase an advertisment , for one (1) year, (for different professions) with “time-limite” packages. These are “advert packages” and are pre-booked for (48) hours, (7) days or 15 days. Curriculum vitae purchase packages concern the user’s quantitative choice. He can choose both types of packages, if he wishes to and then pay the price for each chosen package.Respectively, if he chooses to buy CVs he can do so, depending on the quantity, the way and time he will evaluate and utilize them (according to the information provided by each user / candidate when registering).

After the payment, the employer should receive the corresponding document/receipt/voucher via his mail within three (3) days. 


We automatically collect information about your device (eg IP address, device ID, physical location, browser type and operating system) and how you browse our site, including the site that sent you to www., the pages you have already visited and the sites where you have clicked on each page.

We may collect publicly available information about you from other open account websites. We may use this information to create a personalized profile providing you with more targeted job opportunities. 

If you use the Website through your mobile device, you agree that information about use of its Locations by your mobile device and your provider shall include, but not be limited to, your mobile provider, your mobile device, or even your physical location. Using the locations. via mobile device can cause data to appear on your mobile device and through it. Using a mobile device with access to, you declare that to the extent that you enter any of the data on your mobile device, you have the power to share the transferred data with your mobile provider or with other access provider.  

If you change or deactivate your mobile account, you must immediately update your account information to ensure that your messages will not be sent to the owner of your old number and the choice to do so is your responsibility. You hereby acknowledge that you are responsible for all charges and necessary rights associated with this access to Locations through the mobile access provider. Therefore, you should additionally contact your provider to find out if sites are available and at the same time the already imposed terms for these services for these specific mobile devices. In any case, you must explicitly confirm your consent and acceptance of the terms of the end-user license that will depend on the application when downloaded, installed or the possibility of the overall application at any time Your location data is saved for your Google Analytics logs

USE of cookies.

In addition to the above information that we store about you in our database, we store some information on your device using cookies.

You may receive cookies from advertisers who do not   belong to, which does not set cookies from companies. 

These cookies can last forever. You can delete cookies whenever you want and as often as you want. For this reason you have to click HERE to make this action. It is noteworthy and should be noted that during this deletion work, you may delete cookies that you have set on your own initiative to prevent custom ads.

INNJOBS FR has the ability to use cookies as part of the facilitation and operation of the Services through its website. Cookies are small files (text files) that are sent and stored on the user’s computer, allowing websites such as to operate correctly and without technical malfunctions, to collect multiple user selections, identify the frequent users, facilitate their access to it, and collect data to improve the site’s content. Cookies do not harm the user’s computer neither the files kept in it by the users. We use cookies to provide you information and to process your orders, while they are automatically deleted at any time you exit the site. Please be aware that cookies are absolutely necessary for the website to function properly and seamlessly.


By entering our website, (candidates-employers) and making the initial registration, on your own initiative, you have created your own professional account that refers to your personal profile. respects and honors this relationship of trust between us and meets all the basic terms, does not sell your contact details to any merchant, or not only if you give your explicit consent in writing. In the event that this happens and you find out, you should let us know so that we can investigate.

The information you give us with your consent, during your initial registration, is prohibited and may not be used by third parties for any purpose unless you have your explicit consent. Based on your choice, we share the terms between them, as they are reflected, we share them with potential employers who may have access to the information regarding your characteristics, in the way you chose to register, which are in the database of and which you have chosen yourself, in order to notify you of relevant information concerning services that you have requested and selected for the purpose for which you stated. In case you give us your consent can inform you about these services and notify them to you, or after your consent to publish your information to third parties in order to contact you according to the applicable Law and in accordance with EU Regulation No. 679/2016 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27/4/2016 with the incorporation of Directive No. 680/2016 EU of the European Parliament of 27/4/2016.

All information about your data, whether text, software, audio, photos or videos and generally the material that you post, publish or display on or through a Website is sole your responsibility, as you are the person from whom your content came from. claims no ownership of your posted content. You are responsible for the protection of the information contained therein, although you consent to its use, which is non-exclusive to reproduce, adapt, distribute and publish. It is self-evident that, if you wish to terminate or refuse to give your consent, we will automatically, terminate this license of use within a reasonable time. In any case, we reserve the right to refuse to accept or to publish any user’s content (employer, employee), in case of violation of Terms, Trade Mark and publicity. In case of right violation, as well as in case it is abusive, offensive or harms and threatens the security of the registered users (employer, employee), your registration may be cancelled and you may not have access to it.

You may modify or, at your own request (SEE PRIVACY POLICY) delete your account information at any time by logging in to your account and making the desired changes or deleting your account. If your account is deleted, you can create a new one. You can NOT use the email address you previously deleted, you can use a new email address using a new password.

In the event that you do not log in to your account or interact with our services, and continue to receive emails from us for a significant period of time, your account will exist but will be inactive. is not responsible for the deletion, loss, unauthorized modification due to an act of the user.In any case, we point out that you must keep a copy of the contents of your account. implements  special measures to protect your personal information from accidental loss and unauthorized access, use, modification or disclosure. It is generally accepted that the Internet is an “open system” and we can not guarantee that unauthorized third parties will never be able to override these measures or even use your personal information for inappropriate purposes. You should keep in mind that our main purpose is to provide you with an online platform that offers you secure transmission of your account features and information, that you have chosen and given your consent widely, to potential employers, so that you can evaluate targeted career opportunities and take advantage of every opportunity for your chosen purpose. 

However, there is a risk that your credentials may be displayed to unauthorized third parties, so for your own safety, your credentials should not contain sensitive data, including personal profiles or other data that you would not want to be disclosed with it so that they can expose you irreparably.

Sensitive data should not be published.Information that is considered sensitive is, for example, indicative and not restrictive: racial or ethnic origin, political beliefs, political views, philosophical or religious beliefs, membership in a trade union or political party, physical or mental health or genetic makeup, addiction, relating to his sexual orientation, previous criminal offenses or convictions, procedures for processing genetic or biometric data for the purpose of unmistakable identification of a person, data relating to health or Social Security Number or national identification number.


  • Based on your registration and selection at when creating your account
  • Based on the interest in the work area of the food or tourism industry that you have been looking for
  • To create, evaluate and maintain your own business network in the orientation you have chosen 
  • Regarding the entries that concern either the food or the tourism sector.
  • Related to accounts, security alerts, account creation confirmation, and alerts if this account has a problem with your account.

In any case you can unsubscribe from these emails at any time. Please note that you always want us to send you emails related to your account, and the subject of your choice of work, necessary to inform you about access and security .

Also reserves the right tolimit the number of emails or other messages that a registered user may send to other registered users, when it deems it appropriate in its sole discretion.

“Innjobs fr” reserves the right to modify the terms of use hereof at any time and without justification, the modifications are taken into account only if they are written and incorporated into this text. Therefore, users and visitors (Employers-Candidates) are advised to periodically check the content of these terms. In the event of total or partial invalidity or inability to apply any specific terms, the validity of the remaining terms shall not be affected.  In any case, there should be control by   users and immediate access to their account if there is any change, according  to the updated terms, regarding possible illegal access to theiraccount , a fact that youshould report tousin writing and immediately contact us.  

The gap that may be created in the agreement between the website and the user or the visitor from the invalid term will be filled with new or amended terms that will be specific if possible to the legal purpose of each invalid term. The above applies in any case and for those issues that are not explicitly regulated within the text of the terms of use.

Your acceptance of the terms of use is taken for granted upon entry and navigation of the visitor / user at “Innjobs fr”. The acceptance and consent of the user consists in his explicit, unconditional and irrevocable agreement to comply with these terms.

In case of disagreement of the user / visitor with any of the terms, he / she must immediately stop and avoid his / her tour of “Innjobs fr” by notifying his / her administrator.(SEE PRIVACY POLICY)

Confidentiality is always considered self-evident. All information transmitted by the user / member to “” are confidential and the Company has taken all necessary measures to use them only to the extent that is necessary. “” does not disclose users’ information and transactions, unless we have their written authorization, or is imposed by a court or Public Authority decision.


You hereby acknowledge that all content of (texts, trademarks, images, services, electronic files, etc.) is the intellectual property of the Company since its publication on the internet and therefore is protected by the relevant legal provision of the Greek and European laws and international conventions. The domain name is legallyregistered in the database and is therefore protected by all relevant provisions of European law as well as decisions as a domain name. With regard to the intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties (eg partner websites, members or companies), their protection is the sole responsibility of the beneficiaries.

It is expressly forbidden to use, copy, store, reproduce, republish, republish, transmit, publish, download, translate and modify part or all of the content of “Innjobs” and the services offered on it without prior written permission of the owner. In the event that the administrators of “Innjobs fr” becomes aware that a member (free of charge or with a subscription) proceeds to the systematic export, manually or automatically, of all or a substantial part of its database, the administrators of “Innjobs” may deactivate his account without notice, while they are reserved for the exercise of any other legal right.

Exceptionally, the individual storage and copy of parts of the content in an ordinary personal computer is allowed only for strictly personal use. A necessary condition is the lack of intention for commercial exploitation and the indication of its source of origin. In no case, however, can this be interpreted as indication of Innjobs fr ‘s intention to grant intellectual property rights. The names, images, logos and insignia that represent the Company and / or its online store and / or third parties contracted with them, as well as their products or services, are exclusive trademarks and insignia of the Company and / or and the above third parties and are protected by Greek, EU and international laws on trademarks and industrial and intellectual property and unfair competition.


INNJOBS FR shall not responsible for any damage and / or any other negative consequences that may arise from accessing it and / or using the information and services provided by it. All content and services of “Innjobs” are provided “as is”. There is no warantee given on its part that the pages, services, options and contents will be provided without interruption due to factors that are not related to its operation and are outside of it, errors or that these errors will be fixed.  Under no circumstances will be provided any guarantees on behalf of the Company for accuracy, completeness, truth or availability of the contents, pages and services or their results. Finally, the Company does not guarantee that any other affiliated website or servers through which the content becomes available to the User are provided free of “viruses” or other harmful components. However, it will make every effort to correct and improve the method of avoiding such incidents due to external factors.

Therefore, no claim of financial or other nature can be made for compensation for damage resulting from the above reasons, while the cost is borne in each case exclusively by the visitor / user.

INNJOBS FR may publish certain announcements, supporting documents, laws, court decisions and other similar legal documents for the sole purpose of informing its visitors and users. There is no guarantee on the part of INNJOBS FR as to the adequacy, completeness, error-freeness or adequacy of these documents.

As for the lists of tourism professionals provided to “Innjobs FR”, they are compiled on the basis of the information they provide with their own consent and responsibility for the truth of all the information that they themselves indicate to us.Any errors or omissions in their data are borne exclusively by them, while it is the obligation of each professional to register but also to check that his data is correct and accurate, as well as to keep them up to date.   Innjobs FR, its executives, employees and representatives in general, do not guarantee in any case the perfection, completeness, adequacy or inadequacy and the general suitability or unsuitability of users / professionals (employers or employees), as well as the absence of possible errors / inaccuracies in the data that they themselves have selected and posted at their own risk. 

In order to ensure the environment of Innjobs fr, the security of its information and user data, certain information is requested from employers during their registration, which is not used publicly, but only if there is a need to verify their data and / or of their professional capacity. It is strictly forbidden to register as EMPLOYERS, persons who do not hold this capacity.Innjobs fr has the ability to submit a warning to a member who is suspected of not being an EMPLOYER – HOTELIER, while it can delete, without notice and compensation in case of already paid subscription, any member found to not have the above status. At the same time, it reserves the right to take any further legal action in the direction of verifying the details of these members and informing the competent bodies and authorities.

Furthermore, “Innjobs fr” does not bear any responsibility in case of payment with your card when the Bank (or other Organization) which you cooperate with collects statistics on the “handling” of money that mainly concerns State’s and respective Government’s tax issues.

In any case, the maximum responsibility of “Innjobs fr”, in relation to its content and use as the user chooses and gives his consent by choosing his registration, will not exceed the amount of 100.00 euros.


All information and general content presented in “Innjobs FR” is indicative and is for informational purposes only to internet users, while in no case can it be construed as legal advice. The company, the columnists and the editorial team do not provide in any case legal or similar consulting services and are not responsible for any damages resulting from any act or omission based, in whole or in part, on information provided by the Website. 

“Innjobs fr” in no case recommends or compares the information of the users displayed on its website.Its goal is to promote their services to all those who use its online platform in the food and tourism industry. 

“Innjobs fr” cooperates with third parties (natural and legal) in all stages of collection, processing and distribution of its bulk content. It therefore expressly denies the existence of any express, implied or circumstantial or reliable assurance of their accuracy, safety, suitability and quality. In the context of the free flow of information on the internet, the users / visitors of “Innjobs fr” have the responsibility for the intersection of the provided information and are encouraged to submit any remarks or corrections they have to the webmaster.


The General Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data provides you, as a natural person, with the possibility to exercise your specific rights, fill in your identity card. The request will be processed within 30 calendar days of receipt of the request. To exercise your rights, fill in the required information and prove your identity.

THE REQUEST FOR ACCESS CONCERNS , click (delete accordingly)

PROOF OF IDENTITY: Proof of your identity is required before we can disclose GDPR. For example, a driver’s license can be a proof of identity. With this agreement, the user accepts that he understands and accepts the international character of the internet and undertakes to abide by the rules of ethical conduct (Netiquette). In such cases where enables you to post or send by private message or in any way whatsoever any information, audio-visual material, text, link to a website or generally any file readable/executable by an electronic computer or any other electronic device, to any other user or member of, you shall be solely responsible for the sent/uploaded content. It shall be reminded that for each publication/mission it is necessary to have the right to transmit the content either subject to the existing legislation or to any lawful contractual relationship of the user. 

In any case, any content of the below mentioned types shall be prohibited:

  1. Illegal, abusive, vulgar, pornographic, threatening, defamatory, annoying, harmful to minors or expressing nationalistic, racial or other discriminatory views,
  2. Violating of intellectual or other proprietary rights of third parties, including trademarks and secrets as well as patents,
  3. Including any virus, malicious software or code (malware), unsolicited promotional material (pop-up) and unsolicited mass mailing (spam) that may cause either temporary or permanent damage/malfunction in any equipment (hardware or software) of computer and electronic devices in general or delay, interruption and termination in the operation of servers or any telecommunications network,
  4. Containing false statement concerning the user’s identity or imitation of any other entity (natural or legal).

By submitting material to “Innjobs fr” you grant it a permanent, non-exclusive, irrevocable and free license to reproduce, adapt, distribute and publicly display a part or all of it within “Innjobs” or on affiliated websites, until the moment you revoke it in writing. You agree that you will not receive any compensation for the content you submit to “Innjobs fr”. The intellectual property rights in the material remain with the owner, while “Innjobs fr” may indicate the name of the person submitting the material, if he has provided them voluntarily.

The user of Innjobs is required to abstain from using the site for the purpose of carrying out acts that may result in the prosecution or the commencement of any civil or administrative proceedings against the Company for acts that are indicative and not exclusively referred to in the Penal Code, Specific Penal Laws, Personal Data Protection Legislation, Telecommunications Law, as well as relevant legislation of the European Union, the National Telecommunications Commission, the Personal Data Privacy Authority and any other Public or Administrative Authority and Service, as well as for acts that could affect any rights or other legitimate interests of the Company or any third party.

In the event that any third party takes legal action against for infringing any of its legal property, which falls within the terms of use within the scope of the user’s responsibility, reserves the right to take reductive action against that user. Along with any claims of the third party, reserves the right to demand compensation from the user for breach of terms of use and without express reservation of any legal right for any legal consequences arising therefrom.

In any case, by accessing and using “Innjobs fr ” , on your part, it is agreed that the exceptions and limitations of liability set forth in this text are correct and reasonable. In case you consider them as not logical and correct, you should not use the website.

You are aware that “Innjobs fr” reserves the right to modify and / or temporarily or permanently suspend part or all of its services with or without notice to users / members, for a significant cause. Therefore, users / members acknowledge that there is no right to compensation in any way against Innjobs or its administrators.

Finally, you unreservedly agree that Innjobs fr has the right to remove, disable or restrict access to the material you submit if it deems in good faith that it violates its terms of use. For any disagreement with such a move by “Innjobs fr”, you can contact for further investigation.


When you create (or upload) a document about the features of your Innjobs fr profile, you should be aware that it is not intended for children under the age of 16, and we do not collect any information about the characteristics of children under the age of 16. In any case, children up to the age of 16 necessarily need the written parental consent and parental supervision, while the use of minors under the age of 13 is explicitly prohibited.

If you delete your account, it will NOT be permanently deleted from the production database of Innjobs fr,     . If you have already used the website to apply online for a job, employers, recruits or others have access to the feature profile database and may have kept a copy of your CV. Innjobs fr,   is not responsible for the preservation, use or protection of privacy and resume in these cases. We will retain any other information you may have provided to us unless you delete your account. Consult the terms for “information about your device”

If you delete the document relating to your profile, it will NOT be permanently deleted from the production database of Innjobs fr .

Employers can contact you by sending a letter electronically through the online platform of Innjobs fr or using the contact information you have selected in your profile to contact you directly (according to the terms and steps of registering a candidate / employer

When you apply to Innjobs fr, you can choose what information in your profile you want to be publicly available. Please note that the username you selected will always be displayed. Most of the Innjobs fr forums are publicly available at
everyone. You should make sure that everything posted on Innjobs fr is public to make sure you only have what you have chosen to publish.

The US-EU Security Framework and the US-Switzerland Security Framework are programs developed jointly with the United States Department of Commerce that allow a company to transfer personal information from EU member states and Switzerland to the United States. To participate in the program, each company must certify that it complies with the Secure Port Privacy Principles of notification, selection, forwarding, security, data integrity, access and enforcement. By participating in the Safe Harbor program,  Innjobs fr demonstrates its commitment to protecting the privacy of its users in the EU, Switzerland and the United
States. For more information about Safe Harbor, visit the United States Department of Commerce safe harbor website


With the help of appropriate links within “Innjobs fr” it is possible to access third party websites. The placement of these links has been done with the sole purpose of facilitating visitors / users during their internet browsing. It is in no way an indication of acceptance or approval of the content of the websites listed with a link. Each link leads to a different website, the browsing of which is subject to the terms of use of this website. Innjobs fr bears absolutely no responsibility for the content and personal data management policy of the website listed with a link. Access through the use of the provided links to the respective website takes place at the sole responsibility of the user.


Innjobs FR has a  secure environment to find employment in the restaurant and hotel industry, while managing your career. In order to help you achieve your goal, we ask you to take some simple safety precautions when you choose job announcements on Innjobs.FR and any targeted job opportunities that you may receive unsolicited via email.You may encounter fraudulent so-called “job opportunities” while searching for jobs on the Internet or receive “fraudulent” emails that have a “face” indicating that they allegedly came from Innjobs fr. Such practices constitute a breach of Innjobs fr’s Terms   of Use and constitute a criminal breach of federal and / or state law.Unfortunately, all online companies are vulnerable to such occasional frauds, and users / visitors need to be very careful.
Innjobs FR makes every effort to prevent every act not invulnerable to such activity. If you have a blog, visit social networking sites for your safe browsing. In the event of any violation, you must report within 72 hours to assess the risk. This violation should be related to the “confidentiality”, “availability” and “integrity” of your account information.

We especially recommend you to pay attention to:

Fraud: Money Laundering &Reshipping, Work At Home Jobs, Online Interviews

Email scams and Phishing

Computer threats and malware. One way of “invader” is advertising, adware, spyware, botnet, keylogger, dialer, anti-virus software

Unauthorized access to data

Awareness and avoidance of identity theft

Identity Theft Resource Center Ftc

Innjobs FR privacy settings   

Network with secure connection

Maintaining privacy

Cookies and Web Beacons

Manage your credentials and official certification

Fraud Report

If you find any possible misuse of Innjobs. FR  or regarding its trademark, or something that concerns it, please let us know, even wether is a suspicion or a completed act.

Furthermore, if you think you have been the victim of fraud, please report the fraud to Cyber Crime Division or your local police and contact us immediately. We also recommend that you submit an online report to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). security management activities  :  a) Identification management, b) maintaining staff access to the required data in the network (ict), c) monitoring and installation of relevant security fixes and updates.

Check your computer for viruses and if you suspect that one exists, run the corresponding antivirus program to scan them and destroy them.

Types of malware may be: Viruses, WORM viruses, TROJAN horse, ROOTKIT, backdoor, RANSOMWARE. One way of invading is advertising. You need to be careful about: ADWARE, SPYWARE, BOTNET, KEYLOGGER, DIALLER, protection software.

You need to isolate the infectious files, clean them up and “quarantine” them (isolation and removal).

Check your financial accounts and close the ones opened without your permission or any of your existing accounts with any unauthorized activity. You should check your account often.

POSSIBLE RISKS: There are risks when using an unprotected wireless network.(From any device) In this case, personal data can be intercepted, the network can be used unauthorized and there can be intermediaries (man in the middle).

DATA DESTRUCTION METHODS: File destruction, demagnetization, hard drive destruction (natural destruction)


There is a filter for information entering through the Internet connection. Restrictions on operation consist of viruses, attacks and monitoring (threat alert).

Innjobs fr is for the above reasons a safe website because: it has quality and up-to-date content, valid URL, Owner and Company information, holds control over the valid Security Certificate and Domain Owner Validation.


The period under which consumers can withdraw from a sales contract is extended to 14 calendar days. This means he can withdraw, within 14 days, if for any reason he changes his mind. The withdrawal will always be in writing and he will be obliged to fill in and submit the special withdrawal form by clicking HERE

It is underlined:

Increased protection in case of lack of information: if the interested user has not clearly informed the Company about the right of withdrawal, then the withdrawal period is increased to one year.

The withdrawal period starts from the moment that each interested user completes his participation application and adheres to all the Terms of use and participation. 

Strengthening the right to a refund 

The Company must return the price of the product to the interested party within 14 days from the withdrawal. The interested party must first fill in the withdrawal form and the deadline of 14 days starts from the day of its submission. 

Introduction of an EU-wide model withdrawal form 

Prospective users will be provided with a model withdrawal form, which they can (but are not obliged to) use in case they want to withdraw from a contract they have concluded remotely through their registration on the Company’s electronic platform. This form will have the full details of the user who withdraws, as well as a choice of how to return the money he has already paid. This will facilitate and speed up the process of withdrawing from contracts that have been concluded in any EU country.

Eliminating surcharges for the use of credit cards and hotlines 

The Company may not charge prospective interested users who pay by credit card (or other means of payment) with an amount higher than what they pay themselves to provide this means of payment. The Company who operates telephone hotlines allowing the consumer to contact them in relation to the contract will not be able charge more than the basic telephone rate for the telephone calls. 

Special protection of users in case of contracts concluded by telephone (cold calling).  

In the service agreement or in a contract that combines the provision of services and the purchase of products (mixed contracts) the contract is valid and valid from the moment the user signs that he accepts the offer. The verbal consent of the user by phone for the validity of the agreement and the written one is no longer enough.

Protection of interested users in relation to digital products  

Information about digital content is clear and contains information about the compatibility of the content with the hardware and software, as well as the application of all technical protection measures.

Users have the right to withdraw from digital content purchases, such as downloads or videos, but only until the actual download process begins.

Applicable law and other terms

These terms of use, including their amendments, are governed and supplemented, where necessary, by Greek and Community law, as well as by the relevant international treaties, while the courts of the city of Athens are competent.

Innjobs FR seeks to resolve amicably and extra-judicially any dispute which may arise from the use of the website and/ or the application of the present terms of use. 

For this reason, in case as a user / member you find any legally and / or ethically problematic element or information in the content of the website, please immediately inform the MANAGER OF INNJOBS FR ANARGIROS NTAOULIARIS.