is the first online Human Resources platform focused on all specialties in the hotel and food tourism industry. It is addressed to all current hotel employees, the unemployed, students and graduates of the tourism professions, whose interest is to work in these fields, so that their CV can be found on a website that has this specific object of work. This is how the interested, employers and employees participate actively. 

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We reserve the right not to accept any transaction with persons under 18 years of age.  

Before entering the online platform and browsing the website, please consult the listed general and special terms as well as the terms that apply to its use and make sure that you agree with them, since your use and browsing the website implies your explicit and unconditional consent and consent with them.Your registration is voluntary. Users are free to browse the site without registration. After entering his email address, each user to complete it will have to put the staff with which he will be able to enter his own profile and which are strictly personal . We reserve the right not to accept any transaction with persons under 18 years of age. 

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As for the lists of tourism professionals provided to “Innjobs FR”, they are compiled on the basis of the information they provide with their own consent and responsibility for the truth of all the information that they themselves indicate to us.Any errors or omissions in their data are borne exclusively by them, while it is the obligation of each professional to register but also to check that his data is correct and accurate, as well as to keep them up to date.   Innjobs FR, its executives, employees and representatives in general, do not guarantee in any case the perfection, completeness, adequacy or inadequacy and the general suitability or unsuitability of users / professionals (employers or employees), as well as the absence of possible errors / inaccuracies in the data that they themselves have selected and posted at their own risk. 

In order to ensure the environment of Innjobs fr, the security of its information and user data, certain information is requested from employers during their registration, which is not used publicly, but only if there is a need to verify their data and / or of their professional capacity. It is strictly forbidden to register as EMPLOYERS, persons who do not hold this capacity.Innjobs fr has the ability to submit a warning to a member who is suspected of not being an EMPLOYER – HOTELIER, while it can delete, without notice and compensation in case of already paid subscription, any member found to not have the above status. At the same time, it reserves the right to take any further legal action in the direction of verifying the details of these members and informing the competent bodies and authorities.

Furthermore, “Innjobs fr” does not bear any responsibility in case of payment with your card when the Bank (or other Organization) which you cooperate with collects statistics on the “handling” of money that mainly concerns State’s and respective Government’s tax issues.

In any case, the maximum responsibility of “Innjobs fr”, in relation to its content and use as the user chooses and gives his consent by choosing his registration, will not exceed the amount of 100.00 euros.

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