is the first electronic Human Resources platform dedicated to all the specialties of the hotel, food and tourism industry.It is aimed at all employees of the hospitality sector in activity, the unemployed, students and graduates of tourism professions, whose interest is to work in these fields, so that their CV is available on a website, concentrated in this area of work and at the same time, employers and employees participate actively.


The user is the potential “employee”, the candidate who wants to work in the hotel and gastronomic tourism industry and the “employer” who wants to find staff for his company. There are corresponding specialties for these branches.

To this end, for the candidate and the employer, it is necessary to take the following measures to achieve their objective:

Your registration can be done by the following methods:

A) Complete the form and select the registration then click ACCEPT.

B) By using your account on one of the social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

After your registration, you are automatically informed by the system that you have registered.


When you log in, you enter your email address and your personal password. You should create your own strong password, keep it secret, and change it regularly. If you wish to complete your registration, save in your profile your specific data, such as your telephone number, region, the interested sector of work, gender (Mr. or Mrs.), your profile whats up, your real name, then accept and save them . At that point, you have the option to browse on your profile, but also (if you have completed your CV) promote it based on job demand. You can, in the same way, by entering your password, modify some of the personal data presented above (if you wish to). Finally, the last step is to save your entire CV, with your photo, so that you can post it, and have the option to see the advertisements posted for the jobs requested by employers. Each employee can in his CV, indicate his specialty, his previous service, letters of recommendation from previous employers, the chosen place of work, the city, as well as additional special characteristics (driving license).


When you log in, you enter your email. If you want to navigate the website, you need to enter your company’s name, logo and briefly its subject. In this way, you can post an ad and declare your desire to find employment for one (1) year. It is not necessary to have a complete profile of your business.

After registering, the first image will appear on your screen, then if you click on “advertisements”, the “packages” will appear that you can select, then click on “search cv”. After that, an image with “cvtheque access” will appear and then the combined “packages” of offers.

Then you have to choose and pay the corresponding price.

If you want to see CVs, you will also need to include your company registration number, full company name, logo, and the subject of the job you are looking for. At this time, you have the possibility to publish announcements and share them automatically on social networks and have access to candidates’ CVs. After making the corresponding payment mentioned in the pricing policy, you will have the option to see a photo of the candidate (based on the steps you have selected and agreed to). Then you can complete your business image – your business profile where you can provide details about yourself. Always consult the pricing policy of the packages presented on your screen.

Buying a resume has “time packages”. You may click on any package that interests you. In the event that you choose to purchase an “ad” posting space, you will need to specify your profile, enter your tax ID number and company logo to post your ad, and then pay the price for this service. If you want to buy a “package” for advertisements, you will not be able to access the published CVs and vice versa. If you want to see the “packages” of CVs selected digitally, you have to click on the corresponding number you want and you will automatically know the corresponding price. You are reminded that during the registration phase, you are asked for your consent and acceptance in order to continue working and recording the information requested, but also for the information and the corresponding sheets that concern you. The duration is one year from the moment you complete the purchase of your package.


A form will appear asking you to complete the email again, in order to receive a link requesting a new password which will be the new password chosen.

For any other information, you can also visit our FAQs.