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Published: 22/12/2023
Introduction :

Join our team as an experienced housekeeper dedicated to maintaining spotless and well-maintained facilities. Your role is pivotal in creating a warm and secure environment for both residents and visitors by ensuring cleanliness and order in all areas.

Mission :

Undertake daily cleaning activities such as sweeping, dusting, vacuuming, and mopping. Inspect residents' rooms and communal areas to maintain tidiness, including waste disposal. Perform regular inventory checks in shared spaces and replenish consumables. Oversee the laundry service, including changing residents' beds and ironing. Safeguard and maintain cleaning equipment, reporting any damage promptly. Uphold high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Respond efficiently to urgent requests, restoring safety promptly.

Profil :

Proven experience in housekeeping or a similar cleaning environment. Strong communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to work independently with initiative and flexibility. Compassionate and caring nature, enhancing the comfort of our live-in guests. Knowledge of health and safety policies and procedures. Familiarity with cleaning and sanitation products and methods, including sensitive materials.

Avantages :

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Salaire :

1500 €

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Emplacement : PARIS, 93100
Métier : Cleaning
Type de contrat : CDD
Publié : 22/12/2023